ZHANG Tao is Elected into the Canadian Academy of Engineering

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On 15 June, Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) announced the list of new Fellows elected into the CAE. Prof. ZHANG Tao from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was elected as International Fellow.

Zhang is nominated due to his conceptual contribution of single-atom catalysis and innovative catalysts for biomass conversion. As one of the most-prominent scientists in heterogeneous catalysis worldwide, Zhang devoted to synthesize low cost metal catalysts for chemical production. The new concept of single-atom catalysis stimulates to discover next-generation of industrial catalysts and promote the understanding to an atomic level. His contributions to the biomass conversion, especially the unique process for cellulose conversion to EG, have evoked intense interests from both academia and industry. Zhang has also actively collaborated with many colleagues in Canada and is leading international collaborations at national level.

The CAE comprises many of the country’s most accomplished engineers, who have expressed their dedication to the application of science and engineering principles in the interests of the country and its enterprises. The Academy is an independent, self-governing and non-profit organization established in 1987 to serve the nation in matters of engineering concern.

In 2020, 52 new Fellows elected into the CAE, including 50 new Fellows and two new International Fellows.

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