Dr. Changzhi Li was honored with "Min Enze Energy and Chemical Award-Youth Progress Award"

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On December 26, First Min Enze Energy and Chemical Award Ceremony was hold at the conference center of Chinese Academy of Engineering in Beijing. Associate professor Changzhi Li from our group was honored with "Youth Progress Award” due to his excellent progress on the area of "Ionic liquids mediated biomass conversion".

Min Enze Energy and Chemical Award Fund is jointly established by Chinese Academy of Engineering and Sinopec Group on April 2, 2013. The Fund consists of two awards, i.e. "Outstanding Contribution Award" and "Youth Progress Award", which are elected every two years. The aim of these Awards is to foster the innovation spirit of Chinese young scientists, and promote Chinese fundamental & application research on bio-energy, renewable chemical and bio-material. Totally 4 “Outstanding Contribution Award” winners and 7 "Youth Progress Award" winners were selected as the first winners.

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